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Cannot connect to broadband

Cannot connect to broadband

If in particular you have a stable connection to the exchange, which is generally indicated by a constant DSL configuration light, and are still unable to connect to Madasafish please try the following:

The steps below provide possible reasons as you why you are sometimes unable to connect to your broadband. However if your DSL signal is not constant please check that your router or modem has Synchronisation

Basic Checks for you to follow:

  • Confirm that your broadband service is Live and ready to Install.
  • Ensure your modem or router is powered up.
  • Make sure all cables are connected and plugged in securely i.e. black power cable connected to power source, grey DSL cable connected to the microfilter and the blue USB or yellow Ethernet cable connected to your computer.
  • Ensure that all BT sockets in use (Telephone, Sky Box, Answering machine, etc) have microfilters connected. Remember that only a maximum of four devices and microfilters should be connected to your line.
  • Confirm that your telephone service is working (i.e. you are able to make and receive calls).

Advanced Troubleshooting

  • When using a USB connection, reboot your modem by unplugging the USB cable, wait 30 seconds and then reconnect. If this does not resolve the problem, uninstall the drivers for the modem and then reinstall them. Please make sure that you have a copy of the drivers before uninstalling them.  
  • When using a broadband router, reset your device by using the reset button on the router. To reset the router you might need to use a sharp object, perhaps a needle or a pin. Remember to reset the router while it is still powered on. The configuration lights on the front of the router will switch off, and after a few seconds they will power on again. Although resetting the router may help, it is important that you keep a note of your username and password, as the reset function will remove all stored passwords, which means that you will need to reconnect manually via the router homepage afterwards.
  • Please make sure that you are using the correct broadband username and password. This is something that is often misdiagnosed, meaning, if you are using the incorrect credential to log in, an error message will not display but rather the log in page will constantly refresh. However if you are using a broadband modem, an incorrect password or username will return an error code 691. If this is the case please re-key in the correct details.
  • If you feel that your log in credentials are correct and yet you are still unable to connect, please try logging in with the following test usernames and passwords. If either one does not work, we suggest that you telephone our contact centre.
  • Please check your last invoice and make certain that your account is not in arrears. If you have forgotten to settle your account, your service may have been suspended, but however, you will still have a stable DSL signal.
  • Should you have tried the above mentioned and still experience problems connecting, the fault could possibly be with your line or the exchange itself, please Contact Us for further assistance.


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