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Internet Security Barrier Backup Edition

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Internet Security Barrier Platinum Edition

Normal price: £118.40

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NetBarrier protects your computer from intrusions by filtering activity that enters and leaves your computer through the Internet or a network. Intego NetBarrier protects you from thieves, hackers and intruders, and warns you automatically if any suspicious activity occurs.

NetBarrier's default settings are perfect for most users, and the program's custom firewall rules, antivandal protection settings, anti-spyware application blocking, filters and monitoring tools let you choose the level of protection you wish to have.

Intego NetBarrier filters data to ensure that no sensitive information leaves your computer. Additionally, it blocks ad banners and allows you manage cookies. Best of all it has a unique feature that hides your online browsing information.

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Intego VirusBarrier protects your computer from viruses by examining the files that your computer opens and writes, as well as watching for suspicious activity that may be the sign of a virus. With Intego VirusBarrier on your computer, you can rest assured that your Macintosh has the best protection available against viruses of all kinds.

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Optional Intego ContentBarrier blocks adult web sites, sites with subjects not fit for children, and even blocks chats when predatory language is used.

ContentBarrier works with multiple users, and interfaces seamlessly with the Mac OS X user accounts on your computer. If you have several children, you can set different criteria corresponding to their age or maturity. You can choose whether they have access to newsgroups, email, or whether they can download files. You can set the program to let them only use the Internet at certain times, and on certain days. You can choose to block or allow specific web sites, allow users only to use selected applications, and block access to specific types of content, such as streaming media or peer-to-peer file transfers. The program can even send you email, automatically, when certain events occur.

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Personal Backup

Intego Personal Backup offers you a system for backing up and protecting your data that is fast and easy. Backup information automatically onto CDs, DVDs, partitions on your hard disk, network volumes, an iPod, external hard drives or disk image files. Intego Personal Backup also restores backups, synchronises data between two computers and clones your Mac OS X volume.

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Intego ChatBarrier works in conjunction with Apple's iChat instant messaging software to provide two-way, real-time encryption of text and audio chats, as well as file transfers sent via iChat. Intego ChatBarrier is easy to use, transparent, and inviolable, using industry-standard encryption algorithms.

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Personal Antispam

Intego Personal Antispam is the ultimate tool to fight spam for Mac OS X. Intego Personal Antispam analyzes your incoming email, determining which messages are spam and which are valid messages, in many ways: by checking a whitelist of addresses, message content, message layout, URLs in messages, and much more.

Unlike the spam filters provided with email programs such as Apple Mail or Microsoft Entourage, Intego Personal Antispam is intelligent. When you first install Intego Personal Antispam, its performance is similar to the filters included with email programs, but as you use it more and more, having the program learn from your spam and from your good email, Intego Personal Antispam outperforms any spam filter available.

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Only works with Mac OS X.
For Windows users, Madasafish recommends BullGuard.

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