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Traffic Prioritisation

Why do we have to manage traffic on our network?

Like other ISPs we deliver our broadband service over a network which is shared amongst our customers. This means we have to manage our network to ensure we provide a sustainable quality broadband service to all our customers.

The principles of Madasafish's network management policies

  • To make sure that time-critical applications like VoIP and gaming are always prioritised
  • To protect interactive applications like web-browsing and VPN from non-time sensitive download traffic
  • To flex the network under demand to cope with normal peaks and troughs from day to day and month to month
  • To flex the network more gracefully than other ISPs in the event of unusual demands in traffic or disaster situations such as a network failure
  • To provide a service relative to the amount each customer pays in terms of usage and experience
  • Provides a 'quality of service' effect, meaning multiple applications running on the same line interact with each other effectively, and use of high demand protocols like Peer-to-Peer doesn't swamp time-sensitive traffic such as online gaming or a VoIP call.

Use of traffic prioritisation will have an overall effect on the speeds you can expect to receive at different times of the day.

How do we manage traffic on our network?

Different types of traffic have a different priority at all times on our network, with time-sensitive applications such as gaming and VoIP having the highest priority. This table below shows you how we manage our network in general.

Network Traffic Priority Level Activities and Traffic
Platinum Paid-for priority services, e.g. video-on-demand content
Titanium Time critical traffic: e.g. VoIP and gaming
Gold Priority non-time critical traffic: e.g. surfing, email and streaming media
Silver Non-time critical traffic: e.g. file downloads, P2P, Binary USENET and FTP traffic for Broadband Your Way customers
Bronze Non-time critical traffic: e.g. file downloads, P2P, Binary USENET and FTP traffic for Broadband Your Way options and other accounts when restrictions apply.

Think of it this way, the broadband network is like a motorway. When the traffic is light, all vehicles can move at the national speed-limit. Some lanes of the motorway have been reserved for important traffic, such as buses or emergency vehicles. During rush hour, most vehicles are forced to slow down. However, the traffic on the reserved lanes can continue to travel at their full speed.

How traffic is prioritised

Activity Experience
Browsing Gold
Email Gold
VoIP Titanium
Gaming Titanium
Streaming Gold
VPN Gold
Madasafish FTP Gold
External FTP Gold
Download sites Gold
Download servers Gold
Peer-to-Peer Gold
Binary USENET Gold
Other Gold



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