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Getting started - Voyager 205

1. Before installing your Voyager 205 Router, it is imperative that:

  • Your telephone line has been configured for Broadband and has been activated.
  • You have your Broadband Username and Password.
  • If you are replacing an existing Broadband modem, it must be unplugged from your line and uninstalled from your computer.
  • Your computer meets the minimum specification required.

2. Please ensure that you have the following items in the Voyager 205 box:

  • One Voyager 205 Router
  • Two Broadband microfilters
  • One grey Ethernet Cable (RJ-45)
  • One black Broadband Line Cable (RJ-11)
  • One blue USB cable
  • One power supply
  • Installation CD
  • Foldout Quick Start Guide

3. Plug a microfilter into every telephone socket that has telephony equipment attached to it (e.g. phone, fax, answering machine, caller ID, cordless base, skybox)

Connect your existing telephony equipment to the Phone socket of the microfilter.

4. To install the Voyager 205:

  • Locate the Voyager 205 near a phone socket on your Broadband line
  • Plug the Power Supply and the black Broadband Line Cord into the sockets on the back of the Voyager 205 (sockets are marked Power and DSL respectively)
  • Plug the Power Supply into the nearest mains socket and make sure the socket is switched-on
  • Plug the Broadband line cord into the DSL socket of the Broadband Microfilter
  • Plug the microfilter into a telephone socket on your activated Broadband line
  • Press the power switch on the back of the Voyager 205. The Power light on the front will turn green.
  • Wait until the DSL light on the front stops flashing and is solid green.

5. If the DSL light is OFF or keeps flashing, please check the following:

  • Your Broadband line cord is connected at one end to the DSL socket of a microfilter and at the other end to the DSL socket in the back of your Voyager 205.
  • There are no other Broadband modems or routers connected to the line.
  • You are using the Broadband Line Cord supplied with your Voyager 205.
  • If you are replacing an existing Broadband modem or router on your Broadband line, you might have to wait several minutes for the network to detect your new router. Leave the Voyager 205 connected to the line and switched-on. After a while, the DSL light should be permanently solid green.
  • Try using another microfilter.
  • Disconnect every other telephony device from your line. If this solves the problem, reconnect them one by one to try and isolate the device that is causing the problem. Try using a different microfilter for this device.
  • If none of the above works, please contact us.

6. You can connect your computer to your Voyager 205 using either an Ethernet or USB connection. If using the USB connection, you will need to install the Voyager 205 USB drivers on your computer from the installation CD.

If you are only connecting one computer to your Voyager 205 and the computer meets the minimum specification for both USB and Ethernet, we recommend that you use the Ethernet connection.

Please note that both the Ethernet and USB sockets may be used simultaneously to share your Internet connection, and whichever connection method you choose now, you can always change the connection method and add a connection to the other socket in the future.


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