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Creating your connection - Mac OS 10.x

Our 0845 and 0808 dial-up products were withdrawn from service in January 2015. To find out more about this, or if you have any questions please see our Dial closure FAQ.

1. Click on the Apple icon, then System Preferences.

OSX - Dial-up Connection 1

2. Click on Network.

OSX - Dial-up Connection 2

3. Click the double arrows next to Location and select New Location.

OSX - Dial-up Connection 3

4. Type the name Madasafish and click OK.

OSX - Dial-up Connection 4

5. Ensure Show contains the correct Modem for your Mac.

  • Make sure Configure is set to Using PPP.

In the DNS Servers box enter the following details:


Click on Apply Now.

OSX - Dial-up Connection 5

6. Click on PPP.

Check that your username and password are typed in correctly. Username and passwords are case sensitive, and the username must always be in lower case. If you are getting password problems, make sure your caps lock key is off!

  • Ensure Telephone Number contains 0844 056 7000 for Pay As You Go accounts and 0808 991 6106 for Anytime accounts.

OSX - Dial-up Connection 6

7. Click on PPP Options.

Make sure the options selected match the default settings as listed below.

  • Connect automatically when needed is ticked.
  • Prompt every 30 minutes to maintain connection is unticked.
  • Disconnect if idle for 10 minutes is ticked.
  • Disconnect when user logs out is ticked.
  • Redial if busy is ticked and redial 1 time and wait 5 seconds before redialling are set.
  • Send PPP echo packets is unticked.
  • Use TCP header compression is ticked.
  • Connect using a terminal window (command line) is unticked.
  • Use verbose logging is unticked.

Then click OK.

OSX - Dial-up Connection 7

8. Click on Proxies.

  • No options should be selected here other than Use Passive FTP Mode (PASV).

OSX - Dial-up Connection 8

9. Click on Modem.

  • Ensure the correct Modem type is selected.
  • Enable error correction and compression in modem is ticked.
  • Wait for dial tone before dialing is ticked.
  • Dialing is set to tone.
  • Sound is set to On.
  • Show modem status in menu bar is unticked.

OSX - Dial-up Connection 9

10. Click on Apply Now to save the settings, then close System Preferences.


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