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Slow speeds

If you have signed up for the MAX Broadband service, please ensure that you are NOT in the Dynamic Line Stability Phase (DLM). During this period BT monitor your connection to determine the Maximum Stable Rate your line can support, this process will take up to 10 days to complete. (Please wait for the DLM phase to complete before troubleshooting)

Troubleshooting Slow Speed (Broadband)

  • Ensure that your modem/router is correctly installed.
  • Ensure that all BT sockets in use (Telephones, Sky Box, Answering machines, etc) have microfilters connected. Remember that only a maximum of four devices and microfilters should be connected to your line.
  • To obtain the highest possible speed, connect your modem/router to the main BT socket, (not forgetting the microfilters)
  • You first need to confirm the capabilities of your broadband line. Go to type in your telephone number in the box labelled Broadband checker and click on Submit. Please remember that all applications (file sharing, ftp software, etc) should be closed when running the speed tests.
  • After checking you line speed, you will need to check your download rate. Please log in to and select the Internet tab and click on Test your broadband speed
    If your speeds seem to drop only when you access certain websites it may indicate a problem with the website rather than your broadband connection speed.

Further Troubleshooting

  • Remove all non broadband equipment and test your speed again.
  • Check that your connection is NOT intermittent as this may also cause slow speeds.
  • Check to see what rate your phone line is synchronised at. To do this, open your Internet browser and type into the address field (the area where currently appears). On the main router page click on Advanced in the left hand menu and then click Advanced again from the main section. In the left hand menu click on Status and then from the expanded menu click on Broadband line. On this screen you will be shown the Downstream and Upstream Line Rate. 
  • Connect a microfilter to the BT master socket and connect your hardware directly into the microfilter using NO extension leads. 
  • Once connected, please run a minimum of 3 speed tests, 30 minutes apart via
  • Remember, if you notice a change in your synchronisation rate, you need to make certain that your modem/router is powered ON for 3 consecutive days, as this is the equivalent period for the line to be updated by British Telecoms. If you fail to do this, the line speed will deteriorate and you will have to repeat the above mentioned process.

If you were unsuccessful in resolving your speed problem with the information above, please contact Technical Support for assistance.


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