Wireless Security

Wireless routers allow computers to communicate to each other using a radio link, similar to walkie talkies or cordless phones. Unfortunately this means anyone within the range of the wireless router can pick up the signal.

There are three main risks to wireless networks:
  • Eavesdropping: In order to stop people from accessing your private network and seeing your personal information from a remote location, it is vital that your network is encrypted.
  • Hacking: You need to restrict your network to outside users and computers. Hardware firewalls can help prevent hackers from breaking into your system.
  • Freeloading: Some people will use your paid for bandwidth as their free broadband connection.
How to protect your wireless network:
All wireless routers supplied by Madasafish support WEP and WPA encryption. If you are purchasing wireless accessories from a third party we strongly suggest that you select hardware which will allow you to use WPA encryption. Make sure that every computer on your network has a software firewall installed and use a strong password for your wireless key.

For a security solution that includes additional online security Madasafish recommends the following software:

For antivirus software for Windows PC users, Madasafish recommends BullGuard Security

For antivirus software for Mac users, Madasafish recommends Intego


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