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Spyware does exactly what it sounds like, it spies on unsuspecting computer users by recording personal information like credit card numbers, home addresses and consumer buying patterns. It is dangerous and should be taken seriously. In extreme cases information from your computer can be taken and used for identity fraud and theft. It is important to understand the risks involved if your computer is left unprotected and how to best protect yourself from the growing trend of identity fraud.

Different types of spyware:

  • Adware is designed to get you to visit commercial websites, typically gambling and porn sites. It will pop-up unwanted adverts, often with offensive content. It will download adverts that take up your bandwidth and may hijack your browser and change your settings and home page.
  • Surveillance spyware is more sinister. It will scan your hard disk for private data, such as credit card numbers, passwords and other personal information.
    It will upload this information over the Internet to criminals who will exploit the information.

How to stop spyware from reaching your computer:

  • Download with caution
  • Only use software from reputable companies
  • Never click on an 'ok' button that appears on a pop up
  • Be wary of "free" programs that are paid for by advertising, or if they offer to install additional programs during the installation process. Remember to read the small print
  • Most importantly, use anti-spyware software

For a security solution that includes Anti-spyware Madasafish recommends the following software:

For antivirus software for Windows PC users, Madasafish recommends BullGuard Security

For antivirus software for Mac users, Madasafish recommends Intego


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