Spam Protection

Spam is unsolicited email advertising. You can't really get a genuine Rolex for £20 and we all know it.

As your ISP, we put an enormous effort into preventing spam from reaching you. We constantly monitor incoming email patterns for suspicious activity and update our spam filter with new rules as we see new spam threats emerging. The majority of spam sent to your email address will not get past us; however you may see the occasional few get through.

Have you turned your spam filter on?

Your Madasafish email account comes with a spam filter which can be accessed through Webmail. Turn the filter on and customise your filter rules.

How spammers get your email address

By guessing - spammers use automated software to generate addresses by using domain names they know will have many email addresses associated with them, e.g. Additionally, some viruses and spyware can 'harvest' email addresses from infected computers.

Be selective about who you give your email address to. Some online competitions are just an exercise to collect valid email addresses to spam later.

How to stop spam

Never respond to a spam email, this only verifies to the spammer that you exist and makes your email address a higher spam target. Never buy anything advertised on a spam email. Never click on any link contained within a spam email.

For a security solution that includes additional spam protection Madasafish recommends the following software:

For antivirus software for Windows PC users, Madasafish recommends BullGuard Security

For antivirus software for Mac users, Madasafish recommends Intego


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