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Firefox configuration settings - Mac OS 10.x

Configuration settings for the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Click on Firefox and select Preferences.

Firefox - Configure Settings 1

General Tab.

  • Type next to location(s).

Firefox - Configure Settings 2

Click on Connection Settings.

  • Direct connection to the Internet should be selected.

Firefox - Configure Settings 3

Other Settings in Mozilla Firefox.

Privacy tab, History sub tab.

  • Remember visited pages is set to 9.
  • You can clear Browser History by clicking Clear  Browsing History Now.

Firefox - Configure Settings 4

Privacy tab, Passwords sub tab.

  • Remember passwords is ticked.
  • To set master password click Set Master Password.

Firefox - Configure Settings 5

Privacy tab, Cookies sub tab.

  • Allow sites to set Cookies is ticked.
  • for the originating site only is not ticked.
  • unless i removed cookies set by the site is not ticked.
  • Keep Cookies: Until they expire.

Firefox - Configure Settings 6

Content tab.

  • Block pop-up windows is ticked.
  • Warn me when websites try to install extensions or themes is ticked.
  • Load images is ticked.
  • for the originating website only is not ticked.
  • Enable Java is ticked.
  • Enable java script is ticked.

Default Font : Times

Size : 16

Firefox - Configure Settings 7

Tabs tab.

  • A new tab in the most recent window is selected.
  • Force links that open new windows to open in is not ticked.
  • Hide the tab bar when only one website is open is ticked.
  • Select new tabs opened from links is not ticked.
  • Warn when closing multiple tabs is ticked.

Firefox - Configure Settings 8

Downloads tab.

  • Save all files to this folder is selected and Desktop is chosen.
  • Show Download Manager when download begins is ticked.
  • Close the Download manager when all downloads are complete is not ticked.

Firefox - Configure Settings 9

Advanced tab.

General sub tab.

  • Allow text to be selected by the keyboard is not ticked.
  • Begin finding when you begin typing is not ticked.
  • Resize large images to fit the browser window is ticked.
  • Use smooth scrolling is not ticked.


Update sub tab.

  • Firefox is ticked.
  • Installed Extensions and Themes is ticked.
  • Search Engines is ticked.
  • Automatically download and install the update is selected.
  • Warn me if this will disable extensions or themes is ticked.

Firefox - Configure Settings 11

Security tab.

  • Use SSL 2.0 is ticked.
  • Use SSL 3.0 is ticked.
  • Use TSL 1.0 is ticked.
  • Select one automatically is selected.

Firefox - Configure Settings 12


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