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Compatible with Windows versions XP and above, BullGuard contains the following features:


  • Email protection: screens emails before they enter your Inbox
  • On-Access scanning: checks for viruses every time you access a file
  • Secure hard drives: scans your hard drive for viruses and malware

BullGuard's Antivirus is the centrepiece of your security application. The antivirus application scans your emails and computer for viruses and Malware.

Safe browsing

  • Privacy protection: searches and cleans files, registry keys and cookies, ensuring your privacy is protected
  • Continuous updates: round-the-clock updating of the definitions database
  • Removal assistance: detailed reports guide you through the removal of already infected files

Spyware and Adware have become a serious problem. BullGuard Antispyware protects your computer from all known kinds of spyware and adware by searching and cleaning files, registry keys, processes and cookies. It also protects you from identity theft and the loss of your personal information.


  • Connection control: gives you full control of your internet connection
  • Customise settings: advanced users can make their own firewall settings
  • Complete security: detects all types of hacker attacks and protects all types of network connectivity

It's very important to be able to control the information entering and leaving your PC. Certain things such as bank details and personal information should not be shared, without your permission.

Using the BullGuard Firewall, you've got control over all the information sent and received on your computer.

Spam filter

  • Ever increasing accuracy: database continuously updated with input from users worldwide
  • Individual training: makes local blacklists and whitelists with the help of a step-by-step wizard
  • Email blocking: allows users to ban individual email addresses or complete domains
  • Anti-phishing: the most comprehensive phishing protection on the market
  • Email client integration: full integration with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Thunderbird

The BullGuard Spamfilter protects you from spam and phishing attempts. This tool helps keep your Inbox free from unsolicited mail.


  • Online drive: 5 GB included online backup capacity
  • Set and forget: schedule your backups using a step-by-step wizard
  • Secure web access: the Online Backup Drive can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet
  • Silent backup: backups take place regularly and without disturbing the user
  • Secure transfer and storage: files are encrypted during the transfer to online drive and during storage
  • Full Vista and Windows 7 integration: the online drive is accessible through the explorer function of Windows
  • Smart transfer: files are uploaded to the online drive in compressed form and only file changes are uploaded, ensuring minimal use of resources
  • Individual email backup: a new way of securing your emails, which are no longer backed up as part of email archives, but as individual items

Backing up content has never been easier with both local and online backup. You can customise the size of your online backup drive to suit your needs and once uploaded, you can access these files from any computer worldwide, using the internet.

Games mode

  • Don't let security software spoil your gaming experience
  • Stop BullGuard from sending you alerts, performing scans and providing updates while you play
  • Control how BullGuard behaves with your games by editing and creating games profiles

Games mode allows you to play your games and remain secure, without security getting in the way.

Parental control

  • Protects your children from internet dangers
  • Block access to websites and online content
  • Limit the times they can access the internet

Let BullGuard parental controls take the stress out of protecting your children when they're using the internet, without you needing to be with them constantly. Just a few clicks and you can monitor their internet activities and keep them away from trouble.

Vulnerability scanner

  • Helps keep your PC software updated
  • Identifies available updates for your computer

Outdated software can make your computer more vulnerable to hackers and viruses. With vulnerability scanner, you'll be able to see what software needs updating and the provided links will make them such a click away.

PC tune up

  • Removes unnecessary files from your computer
  • Provides information on how to keep your PC running fast

PC tune up will help keep your PC in optimum condition, removing unnecessary temporary and duplicate files, as well as giving advice on what you features you can turn off or remove to increase performance.

How to get BullGuard

You can download your BullGuard software by going to the Internet Security section of My Account.


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