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What is an IP Address?

To connect to the Internet your computer needs an IP address. This enables other online computers to find you and transmit the information you need to view websites. Without an IP address, you wouldn't be able to collect email or view web pages because other online computers wouldn't be able to locate your computer. Unless you request otherwise, we will randomly assign your computer an IP address each time you connect. This is called a dynamic IP address and for the vast majority of customers, this is the best way of being assigned an IP address.

Why might I need a static IP address?

Some broadband customers may require a static IP address, i.e. the same one every time they connect. This could be needed if you play certain online games or if you wish to work remotely from a central office. If you're not sure whether you need a static IP address or not, you don't need one!

How much is it?

Unlike some providers who charge as much as £5 a month for this service, a static IP address from Madasafish is completely free to broadband customers!

If you need a static IP address, just log into My Account and click on the Internet tab to claim your free static IP address.

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