Broadband usage explained

Here are examples of some or all the activities you could do every month, with each of our tariffs...

  MAX MAX Plus MAX Premier
Downloading music files such as mp3 and wma 200 Tracks 800 Tracks 2000 Tracks
Streaming videos from sites such as YouTube or BBC Online 5 Hours 40 Hours 100 Hours
Online gaming on PC or consoles such as Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii 7 Hours 50 Hours 150 Hours
Downloading films from sites such as Lovefilm or 4oD 4 Films 8 Films 20 Films
Sending and receiving photos from sites such as Flickr 150 Images 1000 Images 2500 Images
Listening to streaming web radio such as BBC Radio 10 Hours 50 Hours 150 Hours

Please note that these are examples, not limitations - it is entirely up to you what you do online and how much you want to do of it!

How long is a usage period?
Your usage period runs from the first day of the calendar month to the last day of the calendar month.
What counts towards my broadband usage?
Usage is the combined total of your downloads (data from the Internet to your computer) and uploads (data from your computer to the Internet).
How much web-browsing and emailing is included in my allowance?
As much as you want to do! Both these activities will generally only use a tiny amount of your usage allowance, so even on our 5GB package, there is effectively no upper limit to the amount of browsing and emailing you can do.
Are the figures above definitive for each type of usage?
No, they are approximations used to provide an example. Your actual usage for any activity will be dependent on factors such as the quality and length of films and music you download or the type of online game you're playing.
How will I know what my usage is?
As a Madasafish Broadband customer you have a secure account management area, called My Account, where you can monitor your usage. To ensure you know exactly where you're at in terms of usage, we will email you to let you know when you are about to exceed your monthly allowance.
What happens if I go over my monthly usage allowance?
Additional usage above your included allowance will be charged at £2.00 per GB (or part thereof). Additional usage accrued in a month will be added to your next invoice. The maximum amount that you could be billed in any one month is £99.99 for usage, plus your monthly subscription fee.
Can I switch between packages?
Yes, you can switch between packages at any time, as your usage requirements change. Please visit our sign up pages to change to a package that best fits your needs.

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