Speeds up to 6Mb explained

With Madasafish Broadband we'll provision the fastest speed, up to 6Mb, that your phone line will reliably support. The actual connection speed that you get will depend on the quality of your phone line and the length of the line between your home and the local phone exchange.

Your first 10 days of service

During the first 10 days of your MAX Broadband service your line will be tested to determine the fastest speed that it will support. You'll get the best speed results if you leave your router on continuously or connect to the broadband service as much as possible. During the 10 day testing period you may get slower speeds than expected or intermittent connection issues whilst your optimum speed is being determined.

Download speeds

Although the connection speed will be set during the 10 day testing period, the actual speed at which you can download will vary depending on many factors. Your speed may be limited by the capacity of the server that you are downloading from or general congestion across the Internet. You may notice that the speed at which you can download is less than your connection speed if your phone exchange is busy or has a lot of heavy broadband users connected to it.

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Calls to our 0844 support number cost 6p per minute plus your phone company's access charge.
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